Custom Fences for the Chatham & Morristown, NJ, Areas

All of our custom cedar fences are built on site. By building on site we are able to follow the exact contour of the ground, therefore avoiding any steps in the fence line or gaps underneath. First we set 4x4 treated posts 32" deep in concrete. Because we custom build these fences, no short sections are installed. We measure accurately so all posts have even post spacing (approximately 8' on center). Next we nail up 2x3 cedar back rails for support. Then, we custom nail your fence one board at a time plumb to the rails. Stainless steel nails are used to prevent bleeding. Finally, once all the boards are nailed in place, we cut the top of the fence according to the desired design chosen. This even fence line is very pleasing to the eye. Because cedar is a natural deterrent to insects and infestation, it is more stable, stronger and will last longer. A custom cedar fence built by York Fence will give you great pleasure for many years to come, knowing that is was built just for you!